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Commercial Clients can Count on Turner Plumbing

▪ Priority response
▪ Quality Work
▪  Commercial Rates

Turner Plumbing has more than 72 years of experience. We are proud to be the Official Plumbing Contractor for the entire Jacksonville Port Authority system. Turner has Service Reps to take your call 24 hours a day that offer unmatched customer service.  Rely on our experience to protect your business, your clients and your reputation.

Yulee Commercial Plumber
From large office complexes to small businesses, we offer a full range of plumbing services to meet every commercial client’s needs:

■ Maintenance Contracts – to provide you with Priority Response for all of your plumbing needs. Ask us how our maintenance contract can give you the advantage.

■ Emergency Service – We have customer service reps answering our phones 24/7 to provide you with service when you need it most.

■ Management Companies – you can rely on Turner Plumbing to follow your job Protocol; check in, out & billing procedures.

■ Build Outs – call Turner to bid your next project.  We can even provide you with isometric as-builts.

■ Backflow Preventers – Annual Inspections, Repairs & Installation

  • Backflow preventers are required on all water lines, including irrigation systems.
  • Local city ordinances require backflows to be tested and certified on an annual basis by an accredited backflow inspector.
  • Turner is CERTIFIED to test, repair, replace, certify and install new backflows.
  • Annual inspection reminder or we can automatically test, tag and submit test reports to government authority to keep you in compliance. At Turner Plumbing, we do it all for you!


Industries we serve:

Restaurant, Recreation, Healthcare, Hospitality, Property Management, Multi-Family, Retail, Schools, Manufacturers, Warehouses


Building On Your Reputation

Turner Plumbing has been offering commercial plumbing services since 1942.  We understand that keeping your project on schedule keeps your client happy and you on budget.  We focus on

  • Rehabs
  • Build Outs
  • Custom Homes

Call us to bid your next project.  See what 72 years of experience can do for your project.

Convenient 24/7 service to keep your business running

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Your plumbing repairs are only as good as the company that stands behind them. So why risk your big investment? Don’t just call a plumber, call an Expert. Rely on Experience.