Noticing an unpleasant odor?

Before calling us there are some simple things you can do.

Sewer gas- noxious sewer like smell. Often coming from the drainage system.  Carries methane and bacteria that can be harmful.

Yulee Odors
If you notice this smell, pour hot water and a small amount of vinegar down your drain. It is best to leave water running for 2-3 minutes.  Every drain is installed with a ‘p-trap’ these traps are in the shape of a “U” holding water to create a barrier between sewer gas and your fresh air. If drains are not used enough often times the water evaporates letting these unpleasant odors in.

Smells coming from your kitchen sink or dishwasher can be left over food rot in the drain line. The best solution is white vinegar and hot water.  You can even run your dishwasher with nothing in it on a clean cycle to rinse out any food decay.

If problems are reoccurring or not fixed at all give us a call to make a dia

Other Odors

Often times we are called due to smells not relating to plumbing issue. If your home is off-grade be sure it a dead animal or rat issue. If there is a urine smell it can often be a rat issue.

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